Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Generational Curses Part 2

Hello bloggers, I pray that last weeks blog was a blessing to you and that you shared it with someone. This is a topic we can all learn and benefit from. So hear goes blog number two!
Generational curses have been around since Adam's disobedience. Adam was the first sinner and his son Cain was the first murderer and the second murderer in the Bible was Lamech, Cain's great great grandson. Not only was Lamech the second murderer in the Bible, he was the first to take two wives (polygamy started here). (Ref. Genesis 4:19, Genesis 4:23-24) Why was all of this going on, because of the iniquity that was passed down through the generation of Adam's offspring. According to Romans 5:17, when Adam sinned , his iniquity was passed on to all mankind. But the good news is that through another man, Jesus Christ, sin and the curse of sin are defeated. Hallelujah. You can be free, we can be free, our children can be free and our children's children can be free and not just free, but free indeed. (Matthew 5:28)
So this isn't something that's new. Ecclesiastes 1:19 tells us there is nothing new under the sun. However sometimes the devil will try to disguise a generational curse and make it look like something completely different. I read about this once. A pastor shared a story where he was praying for a lady who wanted to break a family curse that was holding her and her children. The lady stated that for several generations, various members of her family had died from complications of obesity, but now people in her family were suffering from anorexia, starving themselves. I was the spirit that destroyed through eating habits, but just operating differently.
This is true of the spirit of lust. First let's define lust; long after, greatly long after, earnestly desire, crave, of those who seek things forbidden. So this spirits causes an unnatural longing or desire usually in the area of sexual type sins. A very sad example of this is a child who has been sexually abused. In our natural way of thinking, you would think a child that had to go through the turmoil, heartache and pain of such an event would be the last person to inflict the same horror on someone else. However that individual will very likely sexually abuse, or if they don't become an abuser, they will be very angry and self destructive. We see so many of our young girls leading very promiscuous lives, doing drugs so early on in their teen lives;I can almost guarantee you they were sexually abused at a young age, and their mothers were sexually abused as well and if we were to trace their family tree, you would see generations of this type of abuse from aunts, to cousins and so on. This is true of young men as well, they will either become sexual abusers, be very promiscous at an early age or homosexuality will manifest;the enemy is not gender bias. In all of these cases above, lust is the spirit that has driven people to such unspeakable acts. Adultery, fornication, bestiality, swinging, incest and the list goes on and on are all driven by the spirit of lust.And until someone says, enough is enough, my family has suffered generations of our women being raped and molested, it stops with me, the enemy will continue to wreak havoc. That's why this blog is so important! Bloggers we have to see with our spiritual eyes and allow God to use us to be instruments to surgically go into the realm of the spirit and throw down, root up, pluck up and cast down these things and help people break the generational curse!
An example of hope can be seen in Rahab. (Joshua 6) Rahab was a Canaanite who was under the curse of the Canaanites that started generations before her when Noah got drunk and his son Ham saw him naked.When Ham saw his father naked he went and got his brothers to come and see their father naked, but they would not even look at their father in this state, they went in with their backs to their father and covered him. The result of this was Noah pronounced Canaan, Ham's son cursed (Genesis 9:18-25) and this curse was still operating in Rahab's generation. Rahab was known as a harlot and led a very promiscuous life. If you do a study on the Canaanites, you will find they were into a lot of stuff! You will clearly see the effects of the curse if you study them. But Rahab wanted more for her and her family.She had heard about the Israelites and I believe there was hope in her. The story goes on the say that she helped to save the lives of two Israelites in exchange for her and her families protection. As the Israelites took Jericho, Rahab hung a cord of scarlet from her window, this let the soldiers know not to attack that house. That scarlet cord was symbolic of the delivering power of the blood of Jesus! True to their word, Rahab and her family were spared and engrafted into the family of God. If you study her life you will find that she became Joshua's wife and was the ancestress of eight great priests and prophets as well, among them also Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the prophetess Huldah! Wow! Talk about cancelling the assignment of the devil! Look at what the generations after Rahab yielded!
Just like Rahab, we an break the generational curses on our family's. We can bless our families just like Rahab did. Remember it started somewhere and it can end somewhere. Next topic will be in two or three blogs. I will teach on the Eight Steps To Be Set Free and Stay Free. Please post some comments on the blog. Your feedback is important. It will let me know if I need to revisit an area or move on to next topic.
Much Agape,
Dr. C

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What Is A Generational Curse?

Hello bloggers, I am so excited about this study on Generational Curses. I hope that the understanding gained from these seriese of blogs will bring freedom to a countless number of people. Please feel free to post questions/comments. And don't forget to tell a friend to join us too! Let's dive in.

First let me ask you this, have you ever seen a family where the son was an alcoholic and people would say things like, "He is just like his father and his grandfather",or maybe it wasn't alcohol, maybe it was a sickness and all the women in the family seemed to suffer from the same sickness or ailment like miscarriages? If you answered yes, then more than likely you were witnessing the effects of a Generational or Family Curse. Where did this Generational or Family Curse come from? Good question let's look at some scripture. The Bible uses the term "Iniquity" and it simply means sin, mischief, guilt or perversity. And the first place we see this word used in conjunction with generational curses is in the book of Exodus 20:5. In this text God was giving Moses the Ten Commandments. In verse 3 God commanded us that we are to have no other gods but Him. Then is verses 4-5, God commands that we are not to make idols or bow down and worship these idols. If we do these things then our iniquity (sin, mischief, guilt, perversity) will visit our children and grandchildren. This is where generational curses come from.

You may be saying, I don't bow down and worship any idols and neither did my parents or my grandparents. But because we live in a western culture we have a picture in our minds of what idol worship is and it may be that of those in an Oriental/Asian culture where they go to temples and literally bow and worship statues/idols, so we don't see ourselves as having idols and worshipping other gods. But actually we do in the sense that any time something or someone other than God rules us, we are in essence bowing down and serving that thing or person. When we do this, the spirit that is operating through that thing or person (idol) will come into our lives and make us bow down to it again and again, but it will also pass from us to our children and our children's children. So we can have a spirit of iniquity in our life because of something we have done or it can be something that has landed on you because of something a member of our family did years before we were even born.

An example of this is a family where the Dad or Mom or even grandparents had a history of divorce, their children will more than likely be faced with this iniquity. I can tell you in my own personal life this happened. My grandparents on both sides divorced, my parents divorced and I was married 6 months and divorced. On my husbands side, his grandparents divorced, his parents divorced and he was divorced too,but God! We recognize divorce as a generational curse in both of our families and we have broken the curse of divorce and decree that divorce will not be our children's portion. Because of the understanding that I now have, I have been praying for years about my son's wives and their marriages and release the blessings of marriage to them(till death do them part). Marriage is an honorable thing and he that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord! This is their portion!

According to Hosea 4:6, people are perishing because they lack knowledge and that includes knowledge about generational curses. Families are in vicious cycles of sickness, abuse, addictions, suicide,anger, poverty and the likes and don't understand how and why these things are happening. But there is good news for you in this blog today. The curse started somewhere and it can end somewhere and I believe that you are the key to ending the curse/curses in your family whatever it is!

In my next blog I am going to look at specific iniquities(sins) and what curse may be the result of this particular iniquity. We are also going to look at the very first generational curse and trace it through scripture. I look forward to your questions, comments, and suggestions. (ie the blog was to long, the blog was not long enough)

In His Purpose
Dr. C